Google to come up with its refreshed News tab

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There are reports that Google will soon come up with a new refreshed News tab that will prioritize the publishers rather than the headlines in the news. Regarding the concern, Google today Tweeted a preview which included the redesigning of the news platform of the desktop version. The redesigned search engine won’t roll out to the users over a certain period of time. Google is coming up with the changes to be more responsive towards the requirement of the publishers to cut down on fake news.

Though it is too early to talk on the renewed News tab, one thing is clear that the step of changing the news search engine is a step in an entirely different direction. If you will see the “Before and After” GIF of the News tab you will notice that the news publishers are now highlighted and they have been placed on the top. Also, the staggered look of numerous news headlines stacked on top of each other is gone. Instead, the tweaked News tab resembles the card format of the main Google news page or the Google news experience on mobile.

Google took the concern to Twitter, and in one of the posts over the social media platform wrote:


“Over the next couple weeks, we’re rolling out a redesigned News tab in Search on desktop. The refreshed design makes publisher names more prominent and organizes articles more clearly to help you find the news you need”. Check it out ?

Google, in one of the statements also shared that they besides prioritizing publisher’s names have also updated the News tab and the tab will now organize articles more clearly. The new design which Google has introduced to the section is less busy than its predecessor.

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