Samsung may name its next flagship the Galaxy S20 because 2020

Samsung may name its next flagship the Galaxy S20 because 2020

When Samsung discharges the successor to the Galaxy S10 one year from now, it might consider the phone the Galaxy S20. The gossip originates from visit Samsung tipster Ice Universe, who tweeted for the current week that the organization will skip S11 for its next lead.

“One year from now is 2020, and 20 is a fresh start,” they said in a subsequent tweet – without explaining what precisely a “fresh start” signifies. Without increasingly solid proof, all we need to help Ice’s cases is that it would bode well for Samsung to consider its next phone the S20 for a few reasons.

One of the all the more convincing ones is that by adjusting the phone’s model number to the year, Samsung will make it simpler for easygoing customers to realize which phone to purchase in the event that they need the organization’s best in class. Furthermore, skipping S11 would mean the S-arrangement would indeed be in front of the iPhone as far as their model numbers. It’s additionally worth calling attention to, Samsung wouldn’t be the primary maker to accomplish something like this. Huawei skipped P11 when it reported the P20 in 2018. In like manner, Samsung itself avoided the Note 6 when it needed to adjust its two lead arrangement together.

Not surprisingly, it’s ideal to be incredulous of these sorts of gossipy tidbits. While Ice has a decent track with regards to pre-discharge spills, they haven’t been steady about considering the phone the S20 either. Case and point: in another, later tweet from this week, Ice alluded to Samsung’s trio of mid 2020 phones as the S11e, S11 and S11+. Ice additionally tweeted about Samsung’s next foldable phone this week, sharing another picture of the gadget and validating gossip that it will include a glass spread that is less inclined to wrinkling.

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