Becon’s scalp scanner forces you to confront hair loss head-on

Becon's scalp scanner forces you to confront hair loss head-on

To cite the incomparable Thanos: “Fear it. Run from it. Predetermination still shows up.” Like such a large number of others, I would prefer not to consider whether my hair is diminishing. Until further notice, I’m glad to place my head in the sand (not truly) and imagine the issue doesn’t exist. A startup called Becon takes an alternate view, however. The group, which is a piece of Samsung’s C-Lab program, trusts it’s smarter to handle the issue head on (no play on words proposed) and track your scalp carefully. With the correct information, they contend, you can distinguish the underlying driver (wow, such huge numbers of plays on words) and perhaps moderate the male pattern baldness process.

Becon’s answer is intended for individuals who are too humiliated to even think about seeing an expert. It comes in two sections – a handheld gadget that looks at your hair, and a friend application that offers ideally pertinent counsel.

I was given a concise demo of the item at CES 2020. An organization representative associated the Becon to a close by Android smartphone over WiFi. He at that point tapped the application’s drifting activity button, picked “scalp investigation” and took a perusing close to my crown. The Becon has three center segments – a camera, temperature and dampness sensor, and gas-estimating TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor – that work pair to survey your head. They on the whole separated my hair wellbeing into 10 qualities including follicle thickness, dead skin, and scalp affectability.

Evidently, I have the scalp age of a 21-year-old!

Toward the finish of my hair report, the application suggested items – for the most part cleanser, for my situation – that were clearly customized to my individual needs. Each jug had a “score” to speak to their reasonableness and I could tap through for a full breakdown of supportive and hurtful fixings.

Becon doesn’t have a clue when its handheld gadget will be prepared for store racks. There’s no word on evaluating, either, however a representative got it would be some place around $100. Is the item worth your time, or innovative quack remedy? I’m hauling my hair out attempting to conclude, which is most likely an ill-conceived notion on the off chance that I need to keep that 21-year-old scalp score flawless.

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