Kobe Bryant’s demise is difficulty for ladies’ b-ball, Sierra Canyon mentor mourns


Sierra Canyon High young ladies’ b-ball mentor Alicia Komaki said she went through 12 hours Sunday sitting in her Chatsworth office observing relentless news inclusion about Kobe Bryant’s demise. It caused her to think about what his nonattendance may intend to ladies’ ball, one of the most significant beneficiaries of his help since his retirement from the NBA.

From taking his little girls to WNBA games to training his little girl in youth ball, Bryant was setting the phase to turn into a precious giver in a field that required help. He was gone to Thousand Oaks to mentor little girl Gianna, 13, in a young competition Sunday when the helicopter he was going in smashed, killing him, Gianna and seven others.

Komaki said the word around the club circuit was Bryant may turn into the young ladies’ b-ball mentor at Newport Coast Sage Hill, where Gianna was perhaps going to enlist. A Sage Hill agent denied that Bryant was a training applicant. Bryant’s oldest little girl, Natalia, goes to Sage Hill and is on the volleyball crew.

“What he did was incredible, especially for women,” Komaki said. “He was such a giving sports figure. To have such a legendary player coaching in the Southern Section would have been amazing.”

Komaki said she trusts other expert competitors with little girls will follow Bryant’s administration to help ladies’ games.

“Hopefully he laid the foundation,” they said.

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